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Old Elephants
Meredith Burke 2

Meredith Burke

Meredith Burke and Janet Neath

Meredith Burke
& Janet Neath

What's up with the elephants?
 The five elephants were owned by the Parks and Recreation Department and were placed on the edge of property to prevent parking on park property. This was a temporary solution and four elephants were removed when the masterplan was implemented.





Why is the community garden named Meredith Gardens?

 The organic community garden is named in honor of Meredith Burke. Meredith and her family lived across from the site. When the property was vacated by the City, it became an overgrown, illegal dumping site interspersed with broken concrete slabs. After neighbors organized and cleaned the Bonnie Brae portion, Meredith, an avid gardener, suggested planting an organic garden. The volunteers were so inspired by Meredith that they voted to name the organic garden after her. The original layout of these first beds remains the centerpiece of the Master Plan.