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Calling all veterans and wounded warriors!

We at Meredith Gardens appreciate your service and would like you to come and garden with us!

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     email gardens@mandellpark.org

Danielle Lewis

Meredith Gardens

 Meredith Gardens is an inner-city oasis. In addition to fostering community spirit and cooperation, the garden provides a learning environment. It helps educate the public about organically grown food and a natural ecosystem. Home-schoolers, public and private schools have all visited the garden.

“Meredith Gardens is an inclusive garden, not exclusive" said a long time gardener.  There are no fences or fees.  All folks willing to volunteer their time and work to keep Mandell Park and Meredith Gardens the jewels they are, are welcome!”

Volunteer Opportunites
 There is always plenty of work and projects to be done, and Meredith Gardens/Friends of Mandell Park welcomes the opportunity to customize a community service project for a group or an individual.

 Meredith Gardens has been the training ground for Los Amigos de la Americas, Boy Scouts of America, Rice University students, Hewlitt-Packard, University of Houston students. Each have done community service, and the bountiful harvest from the garden is routinely shared with local food banks.

Please see the Volunteering tab on the left for current openings.
Meredith Gardens
Group Gardening days and hours:
 Wednesdays 8:30 am-12:00 pm
 Saturdays 8:30 AM until noon or 1:00 pm
 The garden is always open, and visitors are welcome anytime.
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